Nine (9) faculty members of Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College have presented their researches ranging on different topics to the 4th International Research Forum in Education, Science and the Social Praxis (IRFESSP 2019) held in Baguio City on July 20-22, 2019. The research forum was organized and hosted by Asian Intellect for Academic Organization and Development, Inc. – a SEC-registered organization that was put up and conceptualized by a group of Academics with the goal in mind of becoming an avenue for gathering together professionals and educators in the Philippines, in Asia and possibly around the globe for the purposes of advancement in academic growth and development.

The nine research papers presented went thru evaluation by the host organization before it got accepted for presentation. The following were the teachers who presented their researches and the title of their researches:

Prof. Azul D. Lacson - “Technological Advancement: Its Relevance to Job Opportunity”
Mr. Zaldy A. Jul - “Proto-Type Dividing Head”
Mr. Mark Bryan A. Carbonera - “Influence of Student Profile, Teacher Competence and Learning Environment on the Achievement Performance: Inputs for Curriculum Enhancement”
Prof. Lilia B. Bayos - “Analyzing of Error in Mathematical Problems involving Fraction”
Mr. Ferdinand V. Andrade - “Home Automation System for Convenient Electrical Embedded in Microcontroller using Arduino”
Mr. Kensley C. Hoffdahl - “Power Plant Engineering Graduates’ Competence: Its Relevance to Job Placement”
Mr. Arnel M. Fernandez - “Development of Electric Motor Control Trainer: Its Effects to the Achievement Performance of Electrical Technology Students”
Mr. Adrian B. Martin - “Transport Network for Tricycles in Zamboanga City”
Mr. Miguelito B. Tibor Jr. - “21st Century and Work Ability Skills of Senior High School Students in Dumalinao District: Basis for Curriculum Enhancement”