Student Publications
The head for Student Publications assists the official college students´ paper called the “New Industrial Pioneer” and individual college paper in their publications and operation. It organizes seminar-workshop on school paper publication, newsletter writing and editorial staff recruitment to provide opportunities for optimum growth to potential and practicing student journalists.

Guidance and Counseling/Career and Placement
The Guidance counselors conducts guidance and counseling on students who seek assistance for their personal, social and academic needs, difficulties and concerns as well as career and placement.

College Library
The College Librarian is responsible in the proper management of the library holdings and studies/plans for the improvement of facilities and services. He/she is in charge of the Library programs and services of the College.

Health Services
The staff of the College Medical and Dental services conducts regular physical and medical examination on students and school personnel who seek medical and dental assistance. A staff of dentist, nurse and aide assist the College physician. The consultation hour is from Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Cultural Affairs
The Office of the Director for Cultural Affairs endeavors to cultivate the individual and collective talents of the students in various cultural activities. Students are enjoined to participate in various cultural competitions, inside and outside the college.

The Dean of Student Affairs through the Office of the Head of Student