It was an amazing moment for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences as they celebrated a month-long CAHSS Festival last February 4-28, 2019 with the theme “BS DEVCOM AND FINE ARTS-ID STUDENTS: Agents of Social Development for a Transformative World.” A chance for students to show off what they have learned in school through arts and exhibits. Showcasing their very own masterpieces, that left audience gasped in awe and amusement.

                 One of the highlights was the Newswriting   competition   which was participated by the following fifteen (15) BS Devcom and Fine Arts students from 1st year to 4th year; Ira Rose Bejemil, Jellie Ann Ibanez, Washarafa Ibno, Naica Mae DS Singgo, Cherry Vim Jamaluddin, Bernardo Gabuni III, Antonette Maglinte, Mia Arceli, Julius Dagalea, Kheyte Aprile Leonardo, Divina Nallomar, Alwhana Mohammad, Spencer Mata. Angelo Palileo and Marie Rose Raveche. each of the competitors, was recognized by instructors as being among the promising beginning news writers of the school.

Newswriting participants

Their entries were judged for its value, importance or worth of the story, relevance to the theme, quality of writing and word choice. A panel of three judges who are communications professionals,  representing key disciplines in the field of print journalism, radio, new media and public relations and were also engaged in a positive vision  about the future of journalism, deliberated  the results. They are Atty, Christelle T. Rubio, Mr. Jessie Christopher B. Lapinid and Ms. Belen P. Covarrubias.

Mr. Jessie Christopher B. Lapinid (Judge) Going over newswriting entries

The competition offered students the chance to develop their writing prowess, as well as critical thinking

skills while relating their subjects to the theme. One of the judges claimed, “that it was wonderful to read such enthusiastic, original and thoughtful pieces of writing. Students clearly relished the opportunity to participate in something very relevant.”

Winners were announced during the culminating program last February 28, 2019 with cash gifts, tokens and certificates. News Writing was an individual contest only; there was no team competition in this event. However, the participant with the best entry in the News Writing will emerged as the champion. The talented finalists received their awards in front of a packed area that included fellow budding news writers who also submitted entries for the competition.

Ms. Belen P. Covarrubias (Judge)
Naica DS Singgo 1st place

         The top three entries were the following:   Naica DS Singgo, 3rd year (1st place), Antonette Maglinte, 1st year, (2nd place) and Marie Rose Raveche, 1st year (3rd place). Singgo will represent the school, ZCSPC at CHEDRO-IX on March 7, 2019 for the essay writing contest which will be participated by students from different schools in Zamboanga City. She will be coached by her instructor, Ms. Gay C. Dela Cruz

Antonette Maglinte, 2nd place

The CAHSS Festival is just one among many activities that the College has in store for the students. Activities that will bring out the best skills of our learners and develop them to become productive citizens of the society. The success of the  event was credited to the untiring efforts of BS Devcom 1-A, the relentless optimism of our active Dean, Jocelyn P. Remoto,  the unwavering support of Associate Dean, Lizbeth Ringor, DevCom Program Chair, Mr.Alexander Ibni  and BFA Program Chair, Ms. Fatima Shalimar Tahil. A pose with the judges after the Awarding of Certificates


Indeed, CAHSS is in the BLAST.


                                                                                                                                                     By: Gay C. Dela Cruz