Heeding the call for a paradigm shift in education in the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution vis – a – vis Education 4.0, the Office of Planning and Development,in coordination with the College of Teacher Education (CTE),spearheaded theconduct of the training – workshop for the faculty of CTEand the Senior High School (SHS) Department last July 10 and 11, this year at the Campus Internet Laboratory.

          The 2-day immersive learning, dubbed as “e-Learning Management System: A Training-Workshop”,aimed to engage the faculty in designing the Learning Management system for Blending Learning/ Flipped Teaching and to capacitate the pool of mentors for the institution’s implementation of Education 4.0 that aligns modern learning with modern industry.


        Collin C. Ceneciro, the designate Director of the Office of Planning and Development, as trainer, immersed the participants in building and curating the

Immersive learning. Participants are actively engaged in the development of the e-Learning Management System using Blackboard software.

 e-Learning Management of the subject course the faculty are teaching via the Blackboard software. After which, each participant showcased the created e-LMS, tailor-made to the learning path for the students in preparation for the adoption Blended/Flipped teaching for select programs of the institution starting August of this school year. 

Educ 4.0 – ready.The participants, imbued with the knowledge and skills for Blended/Flipped Teaching, pose with the CTE Dean, Dr. Elizabeth P. Sebastian.

             Dr. Elizabeth Jane P. Sebastian, CTE Dean and Dr. Jocelyn Kong, SHS Principal led the thirty – three (33) faculty members in the said capacity training-workshop.


        This training, an off-shoot of the Blended Learning/Flipped Teaching seminar conducted last February 22, this year, was made possible through the strong support of the institution’s administration to  Education  

 4.0, led by Dr. Nelson P. Cabral, the College President, Prof. Rico R. Mabalod, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Carlos C. Lolo, the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Collin C. Ceneciro