The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences welcomes August with an intensive construction of OBE Syllabi per CMO No. 36; series of 2017, Policies, Standards and Guidelines for undergraduate program in  Bachelor of Science in Development Communication and CMO No. 43; series of 2017, Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for undergraduate program in Bachelor of Fine Arts.

            Teachers handling courses in these programs were tasked to create a syllabus that caters to the needs of 21st century learners as they gathered in Rm.103, CAHSS Building, ZCSPC Main Campus, August 8 to 9, 2019.



            Though the task was tedious, the group, participated by almost 20 instructors, never wavered as they realized that creating  a learning-centered syllabus  can help foster a more engaging and shared learning environment.

CAHSS Teachers set the wheel in motion

           Teachers should establish high, challenging standards of performance in order to encourage students to engage deeply 

Dean Jocelyn P. Remoto providing brief instructions and comments after checking initial syllabi

in what they are learning, and an effective syllabus links students and teachers, thus promoting more successful learning.

             CAHSS headed by its very supportive Dean, Jocelyn P. Remoto is very adamant in providing its learners the best possible opportunity that they could get from the college providing students of Bachelor of Science in Development Communication and Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Industrial Design every possible opportunity they could  embrace.

By; Gay C. Dela Cruz