The College of Teacher Education initiated a 10-day In-Service Training Workshop on the 21st Century Teaching-Learning Process through Mentoring on Syllabus Development and Research Publication on August 5 to 16, 2019 at the Medical-Dental Building, ZCSPC Campus. The said undertaking was conceived with the following aims in mind:

a) to enlighten the faculty on the trends and practices of the 21st century teaching-learning process in the Basic Education;

b) to strengthen the collaborative partnership of the college with DepEd as its clientele;

c) to reinforce in-service teachers’ competence and knowledge in the field of education;

d) to present and deliberate on syllabus of the new and old programs; and

e) to facilitate the implementation of the Curriculum Quality Audit.

On the first day, a memorandum of agreement was inked between Dr. Milabel E. Ho, WMSU President and Dr. Nelson P. Cabral, ZCSPC President, in cooperation with the Philippine Normal University. The MOA basically aims to engage the two institutions in a partnership relative to curriculum quality audit and revision of the pre-service teacher education curriculum in line with the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers.

Subsequently, the training-workshop proper has started with topics on curriculum quality audit process and constructive alignment of syllabi to Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers by  WMSU CQA committee members namely Prof. Byron B. Go Silk, Prof. Abigail F. Antonio, Prof. Simeona L. Damin and Prof. Bernardita G. Bacang.

Moreover, a motivating topic on “Publish or Perish: Demystifying Complexity of Paper Publication” was delivered by Mr.Karl Daverick D. Delgado, Mr. Junette B. Buslon and Dr. Ericson O. Alieto who are active writers of a Scopus and ISI indexed journals.

On the succeeding days, Dr. Alhadzmar A. Lantaka, Ms. Lourdes A. Mendoza and Dr. Roberto S. Eyo, Jr. discussed a collaborative shared information on DepEd updates and teaching strategies for curriculum enhancement.

                The in-service training-workshop was an initiative of the Dean of the College of Teacher Education – Dr. Elizabeth Jane Sebastian as a continuing commitment to provide the faculty and education students alike information and knowledge of the latest trends and practices in education, to uplift the quality of teacher education graduates and ultimately to boost its performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers. 

Ms. Judith M. Maghanoy