1st Semester, SY: 2022 -2023

Note: Your enrollment begins by providing us your details thru this google form. After successfully filling up the form, the subsequent steps will be taken cared of by the faculty and personnel assigned at particular tasks. There is no need for you to go to school personally. You will be notified once you have been enrolled successfully at your chosen course. 


You may follow-up thru the contact numbers previously given. If there is any problem, someone from school will call you. So please provide us with a valid contact number in the google form that you are about to fill up.

This process applies to ALL types of students whether new, old, transferee, shifter, or returnee. You can enroll using a smart phone, a computer desktop, or a tablet/iPad. Also, you need to have an email address to be able to do this process.

 1. Before you begin, make sure you have with you your complete requirements or documents. The system will be able to detect and you cannot proceed to the next step if you don’t upload a required document.

2. Click on this link to see the complete guide on how to REGISTER ONLINE and please provide in the details asked of you. You will also be asked to upload certain documents in this link.

3. Please follow instructions carefully. Those with asterisks are required fields which means that it should not be left blank or unanswered. Make sure to put your details correctly and review them afterwards. Once you submit it, you cannot edit it anymore. 

4. In the event that you get interrupted or unable to finish the process for whatever reason, you will have to repeat the process from the beginning.